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written by Tara Haelle

If you are a new or expecting mom or dad, congratulations! This will be the hardest, best, toughest… Oh, forget all that. You’ve heard it a bazillion times. Yea, it’s true, but it gets old hearing it.

I have a couple of posts that may be particularly worthwhile to new and expecting moms and dads, though most are likely more relevant for moms. I’ve included those below. Among the most important decisions that I believe an expecting or new parent can make is whether to vaccinate their child. It is a topic I am particularly passionate about and have researched and written about extensively. I will be adding a separate page with vaccines posts and resources, but until then, several are included below as well.

Recommended for all first-time moms, especially while expecting or in the earliest postpartum days: Bonding in Early Motherhood: When Angels Don’t Sing and the Earth Doesn’t Stand Still

Introducing the reason I’ve been quiet… and musings on my second son’s birth

The real story on the flu vaccine during pregnancy

YES. The CDC childhood immunization schedule is safe. For Reals.

8 Reasons You Are Wrong About Not Vaccinating Your Daughter

An important study from New York leads to my own “vaccine story” about my son

Making sense out of the baboon pertussis study

The results are in on rotavirus vaccination and intussusception risk

I’m pregnant! (But there were too many hoops for my flu shot!)




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