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Mickey Mouse’s Measles Mean Trouble

written by Tara Haelle

Today is a super-short post because I’m deep in bookland, but I wanted to direct readers’ attention to the post I wrote at Forbes about the most recent outbreak of measles, “Disneyland Measles Outbreak: It Is Indeed a Small World After All.” Since I wrote that on Tuesday, the number of cases have grown to 52, as I covered in a follow-up today on the five things you need to know about the update.

That number is almost certainly going to continue climbing given how incredibly infectious the disease is and how low the southern California vaccination rates are. A running tally of the cases is regularly updated at the California Department of Health website, and I’ll be posting an update at Forbes tomorrow that addresses the increase in cases as well as the misconceptions about measles that persist on comment threads and in social media. Hopefully, the outbreak will be contained soon, but it doesn’t bode well that it’s made it to several states and that the California cases are climbing so quickly. And it’s just January of the new year.

Image created by Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes on Facebook.

Image created by Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes on Facebook.

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One Response to “Mickey Mouse’s Measles Mean Trouble”

  1. Supermouse

    The measles count was up to 95 total as of Wednesday but 27 were not known to be linked with disney.

    Do they keep such a tally going all year round and just add to it, as random cases happen, or it is only for an epidemic?

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