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DailyRx Round-up, a bit delayed

written by Tara Haelle

Last week got a bit crazy (and Friday was my birthday), so I didn’t get around to posting the regular Friday round-up of stories at dailyRx, I’ll probably post another this Friday or Saturday, but I wanted to go ahead and post ones from last week.

The story I found most interesting last week – and not just because it relates to the namesake of this blog – is that a study revealed that no amount of alcohol can be considered safe during pregnancy. For those who figure a glass of wine a couple times a week while pregnant is no big deal (“The French do it!” is what I always hear), this study was a good size and should give you pause.

I also wrote about the brouhaha at the FDA over one of the most popular birth control pills out there – Yaz (as well as Yasmin), which contains drospirenone – which has been linked to high risks of blood clots. Bayer, who manufacturers it says all is well. The data seems to say otherwise. As someone who is in that very rare category – I had a massive pulmonary embolism caused by birth control pills that blocked 70 percent of my vena cava when I was 18 years old – I would say better safe than sorry. If you or a friend or a daughter is taking a pill with drospirenone, I’d pay close attention to any leg pain, shortness of breath or similar symptoms of blood clotting.

Then there was some super exciting news about stem cells – those pesky controversial cells that have had people up in arms over the ethics of their creation and use ever since they appeared on the scientific scene a little over a decade ago. Well, scientists have transplanted human embryonic stem cells into two blind patients – the details are pretty cool, so check it out.

Then, a couple quickies:

I’ll post more later this week.

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